Bio Construction

Bio Construction


A different way of living to change the territory, the city, and the home in a living organism.

The global market of the wood house is growing quickly: in germany the 15% of house is build by wood,the 50% in Japan and almost the 90% in the United States.

Wood is one of the most appreciated building material both to its high performance and energy saving both to environmental sustainability.

For every cubic meter of cement replaced by wood, carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere are reduced by 1000Kg.

Our service is turnkey


Specific design and custom made action, with time and cost defined, both for new constructions both to small interventions. An innovative and competitive concept.

This concept of turnkey house is based on preliminary analysis of the customer ideas: a system and a tested method allow to create an executive and detailed project and an accurate management programming to ensure certain time,cost and results.

Building with wood is convenient.

It’s a healthy and resistent natural material, used to build since a long time. A building with a wooden structure has many advantages:

  • Ecological
  • Style and comfort
  • Structural lightness,flexybility and the easy to work
  • Reduce of contruction time and versatility of use
  • Building quality (design, tecnology, material and skills)
  • Healthy indoor environments
  • Resistence to earthquake and fire
  • Energy efficiency
  • High ratio price/quality

Resistance to earthquakes

Buildings with a XLAM construction system are light and resistant so if they are affected by the earthquake the reaction is strongly reduced than a normal concrete building, ensuring greater security for people who live inside (as we can see in the test video of CNR- INVALSA executed in Japan during the project SOFIE)

Our wooden houses are more natural that you can imagine

They are not produced in series they are custom made project. In every stage, from design to the construction ad certification, we use qualified professionials and highly skilled technicians.

Certain costs, short lead time, low construction-site cost and energy saving represent other reason why build a bio house is a conscious choice. 

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